Duct Plugs

  • CalAm Plugs

    Blank Duct Plugs

    Blank duct plugs effectively seal conduits to reduce the cost of cable placement andmaintenance in new underground construction projects and routine work. These plugs areeconomical because they are removable and reusable. Duct Bank...

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  • T-Cone Plug

    T-Cone Plug

    The T-Cone Plug is the industry leader in reusable duct plugs.  Containing no metal parts, the T-Cone provides a reliable seal against infiltration of debris, water or sewer gases.  In blowout tests, the T-Cone Plug has also been able to...

  • Universal Plug

    Universal Plug

    Typically used for temporary plugs. Universal plugs are used for temporarily plugging of standard sizes of ducts, bell-ends and terminators from 1" to 6" in diameter.   Features include...... taper that makes insertion easy and tightness sure...

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