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  • FO6028 Cable Protector

    Cable Protector

    Product Features: Conformable polymer insert for conduit, risers, and cable duct Provides smooth and safe curved surface to protect distribution wire/cable during pulls Abrasion resistant materials shield cables from damage during...
  • Cold Patch Material by UPM

    Permanent Cold Patch

    UPM® Permanent Pavement Repair Material is the high-performance asphalt patching material that is easily applied any time of the year, under any weather conditions.  UPM finished mix has been tested and refined to the point where it is now the...
  • Cable Ratchet Shear

    Ratchet Shear

    A cutting tool to separate thin PVC or HDPE into 2 pcs.  Replacement blades are available.  This tool is available in 2 sizes.  1"-1 1/4" OD pipe and 1 1/2" - 2" OD pipe.
  • 3052 4" Watertight expandable plug

    Watertight Expandable Plug

    Made of soft rubber, injection molded plates and galvanized hardware.  Plug effectively seals ducts against water, gas, litter and vermin. Size: 4" nominal
  • T-Cone Plug

    T-Cone Plug

    The T-Cone Plug is the industry leader in reusable duct plugs.  Containing no metal parts, the T-Cone provides a reliable seal against infiltration of debris, water or sewer gases.  In blowout tests, the T-Cone Plug has also been able to...
  • Comfit Coupling Comfit Coupling

    Comfit Coupling

    Comfit is a unique Hi-Tech coupler for HDPE cable ducts. Leak tested at 230 PSI and resistant to corrosion and most chemicals. Comfit is designed in accordance with the special demands of the leading cable duct companies and contractors. Comfit's...
  • CalAm Plugs

    Blank Duct Plugs

    Blank duct plugs effectively seal conduits to reduce the cost of cable placement andmaintenance in new underground construction projects and routine work. These plugs areeconomical because they are removable and reusable. Duct Bank...
  • Universal Plug

    Universal Plug

    Typically used for temporary plugs. Universal plugs are used for temporarily plugging of standard sizes of ducts, bell-ends and terminators from 1" to 6" in diameter.   Features include...... taper that makes insertion easy and tightness sure...
  • Break-away Swivel

    Break-Away Swivel

    Essential for fiber optic and coaxial cable pulling.  These swivels have a break load ranging from 150-1,800 pounds and are designed to separate at +/-10% of their rated break load.  If the load rating is exceeded, the interior break pin...
  • Aluminum Coupling

    Aluminum Coupling

    Aluminum Couplings are made using a 6061-T6 typical alloy.  This product has left and right internal threads allowing installation to be accoplished by rotating in a single direction while pulling each duct toward the center...
  • Double E-Loc Coupling Double E-Loc Coupling

    Double E-Loc Coupling

    The ETCO Double E-Loc is a locking compression coupling used to join smooth, ribbed, corrugatged or Figure 8 High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) conduit.  The locking, pressure-tight design makes the Double E-Loc an ideal coupling for pneumatic cable...