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  • Comfit Coupling

    Comfit Coupling

    Comfit is a unique Hi-Tech coupler for HDPE cable ducts. Leak tested at 230 PSI and resistant to corrosion and most chemicals. Comfit is designed in accordance with the special demands of the leading cable duct companies and contractors. Comfit's...

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  • Aluminum Coupling

    Aluminum Couplings are made using a 6061-T6 typical alloy.  This product has left and right internal threads allowing installation to be accoplished by rotating in a single direction while pulling each duct toward the center...

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  • Double E-Loc Coupling

    Double E-Loc Coupling

    The ETCO Double E-Loc is a locking compression coupling used to join smooth, ribbed, corrugatged or Figure 8 High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) conduit.  The locking, pressure-tight design makes the Double E-Loc an ideal coupling for pneumatic cable...

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  • SALE
    E-Loc Coupling

    E-Loc Coupling

    The E-Loc Coupling is a compression coupling that provides a watertight/airtight connection in buried or restrained applications.  The ability to join dissimilar materials, such as PVC, HDPE, fiberglass, or metal makes the E-LOC a versatile coupling...

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