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Application Tools

  • SpeedPress Vinyl Applicator

    SpeedPress Vinyl Applicator

    The SpeedPress Vinyl Applicator is the easiest way to put plotter cut vinyl lettering on your sign blank. Vinyl goes down fast, smooth and bubble free. And best of all, one sheet of crystal clear film does the work of 20 sheets of paper tape, saving...

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  • Rhino Table Accessory Discount Kit

    Overview: This super value includes all the items pictured and is a perfect compliment to the Rhino Tables. Great Deal! 20 piece kit $392 if items purchased separately. Kit Includes:  28" Ultimate Steel Safety Ruler 40" Ultimate Steel...

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  • SpeedPress Pro Trim Kit

    Pro Trim Kit

    Overview: This kit includes everything you need to make straight clean cuts and protect your tables too! Take our best stuff and enjoy the deep discount. Please call for upgrades. Specifications: 4’ x 8’ Rhino Cutting Mat with...

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  • SpeedPress Roller

    SpeedPress Roller

    SpeedPress® Roller Use to roll down vinyl graphics for paper tape or SpeedPress® applications. Solid cast aluminum frame, 1 inch steel axle. This roller is custom made to withstand constant daily use by SpeedPress® signmakers. Very smooth...

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  • Steel Edge Rhino Ruler

    Steel Edge Rhino Ruler

    A knife can slip on a flat ruler and cut you. The Steel Edge Rhino Ruler has a guard that prevents the razor from accidentally slicing you. Specifications: Comfortable No Pinch Safety Guard Extra Wide 3.6" Base Chromium Steel Cutting...

  • Ultimate Steel Safety Ruler

    Ultimate Steel Safety Ruler

    Steel is the perfect edge for razor straight trimming. Your blade slips along the steel with dead on accuracy. The stainless steel edge is low and flat, so your blade won’t wobble. The tool steel is .069" thick by 1.25" wide, It is joined to...

  • Safety Ruler

    Safety Ruler

    A razor knife can slip over a flat ruler and give you a nasty cut.The Safety Ruler has a curved aluminum guard that prevents the razor from accidentally slicing your fingers. Solid aluminum body sports an extra thick cutting face. Hefty tool. The extra...

  • Tool Station with Balsa

    Take the classic spinning art supplies organizer and add a 2" round balsa block on top and you have the perfect knife station. Balsa keeps blades from dulling and cleans blades by removing residue. Get tools organized and handy. 72 compartments, revolves...

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