• Comfit Coupling Comfit Coupling

    Comfit Coupling

    Comfit is a unique Hi-Tech coupler for HDPE cable ducts. Leak tested at 230 PSI and resistant to corrosion and most chemicals. Comfit is designed in accordance with the special demands of the...

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  • Break-away Swivel

    Break-Away Swivel

    Essential for fiber optic and coaxial cable pulling.  These swivels have a break load ranging from 150-1,800 pounds and are designed to separate at +/-10% of their rated break load.  If the...

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  • Duct Rodder Duct Rodder

    Duct Rodder

    Condux Duct Rodders combine ease of operation and reliable performance to help increase the efficiency of your rodding opperations. Our Duct Rodder cages have been designed to be lighter weight for...

  • Accessory Kit

    Accessory Kit

    Popular accessories available in a convenient bag that attaches to the cage.  Kit Includes: Canvas Bag Roller Guide Splice Kit Epoxy Swivel Coupling Tapered head Threaded End Fittings ...

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  • Repair Kit

    Repair Kit

    Replacement repair kit that comes standard with duct rod.  Accessories available in a convenient bag that attaches to the cage. If you have a different brand rod or different size, please...

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  • Basket Combination

    Basket Combination

    Used to connect two hand rods pushed into the conduit from opposite ends of the conduit run.  Both rods can then be pulled out in one direction.  Used instead of a swivel coupling when the...

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  • Tapered Head

    Tapered Head

    Attaches to the end fitting on the duct rod.  Guides duct rod through and allows a pull line (diameter A) to be attached to the duct rod.  Comes standard with each of the duct rodders...

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  • Mini-Harness

    Mini Harness

    Screws onto the threaded end fitting to allow for weay wire attachment when pulling wire into conduit.   Rod Dia., In 3/16" 1/4" 5/16" 7/16" 9/16" USC...

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  • SALE
    Roller Guide

    Roller Guide

    Helps guide the duct rod around bends, sweeps, and duct misalignments.  Also used when the conduit is already occupied by other cables.   Rod Dia., In 3/16" 1/4" 5/16" 7/16" 9/16" ...

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  • Male / Female

    Swivel Coupling

    Used to connect two duct rods pushed into the conduit from the same end.  Used when once length of duct rod is not long enough for the full conduit run.  Also used as a rotating swivel when...

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