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Underground markers are available in various styles. Electronic Ball style which is buried below the surface and detected with electronic equipment prior to digging.  Poly-Dome Markers allow a visual identification of the utility buried below. Poly-Dome Markers typically provide some type of contact information depending on the requirements.  

Below are some of the industries where markers are used:

  • Telephone
  • Communications
  • Power
  • CATV
  • Water
  • Wastewater
  • Gas


  • Poly-Dome & Top Hat Test Stations Poly-Dome Test Station

    Poly-Dome™ - Top Hat Test Station

    The Poly-Dome Test Station and Top Hat Test Station are perfectly suited for above ground testing and monitoring of cathodic protection. Available in Standard or Custom Colors and made from durable UV treated polyethylene. Station includes:...
  • Poly-Dome Marker PD6, PD7, PD8

    Poly-Dome™ Markers

    Use the Poly-Dome Marker™ to provide 360° visibility to identify pipelines, fiber optic cables, and other underground utilities. Both the Poly-Dome Marker and posts are made from durable high-density UV treated polyethylene. Because we use...
  • 3M™ EMS Ball Marker 3M™ EMS Ball Marker

    3M™ EMS Ball Marker

    Marking points of interestUnlike surface features, maps and other methods of recording position, the 3M™Marker is a constant point of reference you can depend on. 3M™ markers: • Operate in all soil types; under asphalt; cement; and...