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  • Galvanized Expansion Joint

    Fabricated Steel Expansin Joint

    Our expansion joints are fabricated from UL-6 Sch 40 conduit.  Osburn has manufactured this style of expansion joint for nearly 30 years.  Available finishes are galvanized iron pipe (BIP) and black iron pipe (BIP).  After welding, we do...
  • Osburn's New Underbrdige Catalog is ready Underbridge Hanger

    Underbridge Hanger

    Osburn Associates, Inc. has been a leader in Underbridge/Undground systems for nearly 30 years. You can also request a new catalog by filling out the catalog request form here  Be sure to ask for the...
  • Split & Hinged Steel Conduit

    Split Steel Conduit

    We manufacture several types of Split Steel Conduit.  Split & Hinged (most popular) Split & Flanged and Split with H-strip. Connecting the steel together is accomplished by our flanged coupling. The coupling is available as flanged 2 sides...
  • Fiberglass Conduit

    Fiberglass Conduit

    NEMA TC 14A-IPS NEMA TC 14B-IDNEMA TC 14-2002 Available in sizes 2" through 6" diameter and is manufactured in 20 foot lengths with bell and spigot ends. A full range of bends, adapters and fittings are available.  Part No. Nominal...