pi-Lit® Sequential Lamps are designed to provide for safer roadside work zones. 
Drivers see the pattern of sequential lamps from a greater distance, and with greater perspective than cones, delineators, or drums alone.

Our new smart flare – The Ice Cream Sandwich ! These flares not only warns drivers of activity ahead but also directs traffic away. The sequencing technology keeps workers and users safe by guiding traffic away from areas where personnel are working on the road. The square shape won’t roll into traffic!  Automatically adjusts LEDs to horizontal or vertical orientation (when magnetically attached to your tailgate).  Another smart product from Pi Variables, Inc.  Same low price – LOWER than many NON-sequencing flares!!!! NO TOOLS TO CHANGE BATTERIES ! 4 AA-Alkaline – More operating time than any of the competition.

Each 10-Lamp array – Includes AA Cell Alkaline (3-month) battery pack in 10-Lamp carrying case.

1) pi-Lit® units are sold in sets of 10 lamps per kit. All lamps are identical, hence many sets may be “daisy chained” to provide for miles of highway deployment, or each set can be used as its own string within a close proximity of others. For example, several 10-lamp arrays may be used to direct traffic entering a sports stadium.  Individual replacement lamps are available.

2) New! Remote control unit! Control pi-Lit® Sequenced lamps from the safety of your vehicle, or from a safe distance off of the roadway.

3) Cone Adapters – Set of 10 universal cone adapters for the pi-Lit® Beacon Lamp

4) NEW! – Barricade-Style pi-Lit® Lamps


  • Super bright 360 degree viewing angle
  • 4 inexpensive off-the-shelf AA-Alkaline Batteries

  • No tools to change batteries

  • Battery Status Check with push of a button

  • Rugged and durable Can be driven over, thrown, dropped, etc. won’t break

  • Easy to use (just turn on in order and they automatically sequence)

  • Single button turn off (turn off entire string of lamps)

  • Carrying satchel

  • Different Color LED and Case Options
    (Orange, Red, Yellow, Blue, Special Order Infrared)

  • Pick between 3 different “flavors” (Group Frequency’s)

  • This allows for use of multiple sets of flares in close proximity without interfering with each other

  • For example: If there is an incident on the road where police, fire, and a DOT maintenance crews were required they could each have separate “flavors” of sequential flares deployed simultaneously without interfering with each

  • “Flavors”: Lemon (yellow dot), Berry (blue dot), and Mint (green dot)

  • 1 Year Manufactures Warranty

  • FCC Compliant


  1. Highway construction, tapers, lane closure and cross overs, lane changes, lane narrowing, exits, dark turns, etc. May be mounted on delineators, cones, barricades, barriers, or drums.
  2. To designate work zone pull-off – uses patented “Marker” function.
  3. Police and Fire activity (e.g., sobriety check point, HAZ-MAT spills, accident with extended crime scene investigation, etc.)
  4. Sport stadiums to direct traffic for parking areas, and then quickly re-deployed to another parking area.
  5. Amusement parks for traffic and parking guidance.
  6. Shopping malls during busy holiday season with parking congestion.
  7. Special municipal events – 4th of July, parades, etc.

Product Specifications:


  1. Flash Rate – 1 per second
  2. Flash Duration – 40 to 600 milliseconds, user controlled
  3. Delay between units – 50 milliseconds to 200 milliseconds; user controllable
  4. Patterns – 5 “march” patterns to choose from
  5. Battery Status Indicator (Beacon-Style)
  6. Remote Control of Lamp parameters;  Range of Remote Control Unit = 200 meters
  7. Range between Units – recommended max. 100 meters
  8. “Marker” function to designate truck entrance to work zone (Patented)
  9. Visual Distance – 900 meters – night time (I.T.E. Type A,C Lamp – Compliant)
  10. Optical dispersion – +/- 24 degrees from centerline horizontal; +/- 15 degrees from center vertical; independent control of front/back face illumination for Barricade-Style lamps.
  11. Battery and Capacity – 4 Standard D-Alkaline Cell – 4-6 months operation (Barricade-Style); 3 months AA-Cell (Beacon-Style)
  12. Day and night or nighttime-only operation – photocell controlled
  13. Unidirectional or bidirectional light output – steady burn between flashes – user controlled
  14. Unlimited number of lamps in a string; Self-healing network (Patented) – replace missing lamp by turning new lamp on.


  1. Weight – Barricade-Style-2.3 pounds with batteries (4-D Alkaline cell); Beacon-Style -9 ounces with batteries (4 AA-cell)
  2. Material – Polypropylene case with Polycarbonate lens
  3. Rated temperature: -20 degrees to + 130 degree Fahrenheit (battery capacity compromised at low temperatures).


  1. Radio Frequency – 2.4 GHz – 10 “Groups” to choose from – user controllable
  2. Radio Frequency Output – max +4dBm
  3. FCC certified/Compliant
  4. Duty cycle – RF 1 millisecond per second (1/1000).  LED flash 1 per second