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Public Service & Retail Hygiene Shield

Retail Hygiene Shield

For public service and retail applications

With essential services required to remain open for business during the COVID-19 pandemic, staff and employee safety during this outbreak is at the forefront of the service industry's challenges. In response to safety concerns to workers during the COVID-19 outbreak Sunspace is deploying inexpensive, easily installed safety shield modules that reduce risk of transmission of germs, virus' and airborne pathogens.

Staff and customers being in close proximity makes it inherently difficult to maintain social distancing in retail check out and frontline service roles. The Sunspace Shield Module adds essential protection during service interactions while maintaining clear and unobstructed sight lines.

Standard Size: 54" Wide x 76" High x 38" Desk or Counter Height


For Special Sizes, give us the width x height x counter or desk height.  If a passthru opening is needed, ensure to request that information.  Drawings will be forwarded back to you to ensure we have the correct information.  Email us at