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  • Adjustable Steel Yoke Pipe Roll

    Adjustable Steel Yoke Pipe Roll

    This hanger is similar to the UB3114 series of roller hanger.  This is available in a single or double pipe configuration.  The double hanger is a special order system.   Available finishes are electro-galvanized (EG) and hot dip...
  • Pipe Roll with Sockets, 2 Rod Rollers

    Pipe Roll with Sockets

    These hangers are used with 2 threaded rods suspended from a bridge deck or special beam clamps.  Depending on the application, a second roller unit may be used on top of the pipe.  Finishes available are electro-galvanized (EG), hot dip...
  • Clevis Hanger, UB3100 Series

    Clevis Hanger

    Clevis hangers are considered a light weight hanger.  Sizes ranging from 1/2" conduit to 30" conduit.  Available in electro-galvanized (EG), hot dip galvanized (HDG), 304 grade stainless steel and for the best corrosion 316 grade stainless...
  • Grid Style Conduit Support Hanger Grid Style Conduit Support Hanger

    Grid Style Conduit Support Hanger

    Conduit supports are modular type hangers designed to support and maintain the integrity of conduit systems on bridge crossings.  There are two types of conduit supports: Intermediate type supports are the standard unit for the normal runs and...
  • Split & Hinged Steel Conduit

    Split Steel Conduit

    We manufacture several types of Split Steel Conduit.  Split & Hinged (most popular) Split & Flanged and Split with H-strip. Connecting the steel together is accomplished by our flanged coupling. The coupling is available as flanged 2 sides...
  • Fiberglass Conduit

    Fiberglass Conduit

    NEMA TC 14A-IPS NEMA TC 14B-IDNEMA TC 14-2002 Available in sizes 2" through 6" diameter and is manufactured in 20 foot lengths with bell and spigot ends. A full range of bends, adapters and fittings are available.  Part No. Nominal...