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  • PHP35-CB15N-HS

Graphtec ABS Replacement Blade Holder


Compatible with blades: CB09UA, CB09UA-K60, CB09UB, CB09UB-K60. Designed for use with 0.9mm CB09UB blades for vinyl and window tint film cutting. Not recommended for CB09UA blades with springs.

Newer blade holder for blades without springs.

Compatible with blades: CB15U-K30*, CB15U, CB15UA, CB15U-K20-2SP, CB15UA-K30.  For use with 1.5mm*** CB15 Blades.

For use with 1.5mm CB15 Blades.  Blade not included.

* Suitable for a rigid media, 0.25 mm to 0.5 mm thick or cutting small detailed characters on marking film (up to 0.25mm). ** Cutting accuracy is not guaranteed. Be sure to try it before using it. *** Require spring removal.

Compatible with blades: CB09UA, CB09UA-K60, CB09UB, CB09UB-K60.  0.9mm Blade-holder with blue top, and brass tip / for 0.9mm CB09 blades.

ATTENTION: If you are using CB09UA Blade (with spring); Insert only the CB09UA blade without the spring. This blade-holder, plunger design already includes an internal spring. These brass tip blade-holder, plungers are more rigid and lend to more accurate cuts.

These brass tip bladeholder, plungers are more rigid and lend to more accurate cuts!

Blade not included

Compatible with blades: CB15U, CB15U-2SP, CB15U-5SP, CB15U-K30*, CB15UA, CB15U-K20-2SP, CB15UA-K30.  1.5mm*** Blade-holder with Red Top, and Brass Tip For CB15 Blades. These brass tip blade holders/plungers are more rigid and lend to more accurate cutting.

NOTE: REMOVE CB15 SP Blade spring before installing into this Blade-holder. DO NOT install any blade spring.

These brass tip bladeholders/plungers are more rigid and lend to more accurate cutting.

Blade not included

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FC8600 Prismatic Reflective Expanded Contour Cutting 02:06

Graphtec FC8600 demo video showing accurate contour cutting of Avery Prismatic Grade Reflective Sheeting. 48 inch Avery T-9500 and T-11500 Reflective Sheeting printed with an eco solvent inkjet printer, then contour cut on a Graphtec FC8600 cutting plotter. WORKFLOW Design and cutting output through Cutting Master 3 and Adobe Illustrator HARDWARE Graphtec FC8600-130 CB15U-K30 Blade with PHP35-CB15-HS Bladeholder Facebook Like Us: Twitter Follow Us: Learn more: Graphtec America, Inc. 17462 Armstrong Avenue Irvine, CA 92614-5724 Phone: (800) 854-8385 Best Cutting Plotter, Best Cutting Plotter Machine, Best Vinyl Cutter, Best Vinyl Cutter Machine, Best Vinyl Cutter and Heat Press, Best Vinyl Cutter for T-Shirt, Best Vinyl Cutter for Sticker, Guide Cutting Plotter, How To Choose Buy Cutting Plotter, Guide How to Buy Vinyl Cutter, Roll Cutter Machine, Cutting Plotter Software, Vinyl Cutter Software, Cutting Plotter Controller, Cutting Plotter and Printer, What is Cutting Plotter, How to install use Cutting Plotter, Cutting Plotter Blade, Vinyl Cutter Blade, Cutting Plotter Driver, Flatbed Cutting Plotter, What is Cutting Plotter, What is Vinyl Cutter, Install and Set Up Cutting Plotter

  • FC8600 Prismat...
    Graphtec FC8600 demo video showing accurate contour cutting of...
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