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  • Adjustable Concrete Insert w/Nut

    Adjustable Concrete Insert

    These concrete anchors are madeof maleable cast iron.  The anchors are made to embed into the concrete.  This is made of 2 components.  The anchor and the nut insert.  The nut is placed into the insert after the inserts have been...
  • Drop-in Concrete Anchor Drop-in Concrete Anchor

    Drop-in Anchor

    These concrete anchors are common in the utility industry.  Very simple to install.  We have listed several sizes but other sizes are available as well as finishes.Available finishes are electro-galvanizsed (EG), hot dip galvanized (HDG), 304...
  • Wedge Anchor

    Stud Wedge Anchor

    These anchors come in various sizes and lengths. We have listed a few but others are available upon request.Available finishes. electro-galvanized (EG), hot dip galvanized (HGD), 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel.